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Oxygen generators are used instead of liquid and tube supply method. Oxygen generators are a good option for uninterrupted, clean and economical oxygen production. Although the production of the oxygen generator seems mechanically easy, a good level of fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanical and electronic knowledge is required for the correct production of the system. Oxygen generators manufactured by companies that do not have this competence cause major problems.
When choosing an oxygen generator, it is a correct method to deal with the subject comprehensively.

All oxygen generators manufactured by AMEC Industries are subjected to extensive tests before they are delivered to you. We offer you the most economical and highest quality oxygen generation systems with its strong background and experienced engineer staff.


Main sectors where oxygen and nitrogen generators are used

- Medical

- Oil and gas & Mining

- Aviation

- Chemical

- Pharmaceutical Industry

- Electronic

- Laser Cutting

- Maritime

- Metallurgy

- Plastic Based Production

- Agriculture

- Seafood

- Welding and cutting

- Glass Production

- Porcelain Production

- Ozone Generator

- Wastewater Treatment

- Health Sector


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On site oxygen generation systems selection guide has been published.


Due to the Covid19 epidemic, many of our models are in stock ready to ship.

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5 set oxygen generators were shipped to South America in October 2020 by air cargo.


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